72nd Owl club of Denver debutante cotillion

The Owl Club of Denver Scholarship Fund strives to improve the lives of eligible high school senior women by encouraging pride, character, leadership, community service and excellence, as well as providing much needed financial or other support for their first year in college.

 “Receiving the Owl’s Club Scholarship was extremely helpful to making my academic dreams possible. I was excited to have the opportunity to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, but knew that it would be a huge financial burden for me and my family. I applied to many scholarships, but finished my senior year in high school looking forward to a significant amount of unmet need. The Owl’s Club scholarship reduced that need, and allowed me peace of mind as I worked towards my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. It was an awesome feeling to know that members of my community believed in me and were willing to invest in me. It is because of this organization and scholarship that I was able to graduate from Temple with honors, and had the confidence to earn my Master’s in Social Work as well. I am forever thankful to the Owl’s Club for their guidance and support.” ― Elizabeth Battle, 2004 Scholarship Recipient 

The owl club of denver Debutante cotillion

June 1, 2019

Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast

2019 Scholarship award recipients

2019 Debutante Cotillion Activities

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