Scholarship Requirements

The Owl Club of Denver Scholarship Fund, Inc. is an equal opportunity program. The scholarship program is open to all graduating females in the State of Colorado without regard to race creed, color, religion, national origin or physical limitations. Recipients are selected from Owl Club of Denver Debutante Cotillion participants. 


Forward complete application, along with attachments to:

  Owl Club of Denver Scholarship Fund, Inc.

  P.O. Box 7468

  Denver, Colorado 80207


Contact your school counselor to have your high school forward a copy of your transcript to the above address.


Do not forget to include you maximum 100 word essay.


Up to three letters of recommendation will be considered, but are not required.


Please attach a copy of your parent’s last two years tax returns. (Tax returns are considered to be confidential and will only be used for evaluation proposes and will be maintained in a secure manner)


Please note:  Application deadline varies from year to year. Please contact us for this year's deadline. 




For an application, please contact us

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For More Information

Please call us at: 303 388 6845 or fill out our contact form. Our mailing address is:


Owl Club of Denver Scholarship Fund

2815 Madison St

Denver, Colorado 80205


P.O.Box 7468

Denver, Colorado 80207